Note: The BKJ Land Co. Health and Safety Plan was developed to satisfy the interest and objectives of the BKJ Land Co. Workplace and Accident and Injury Reduction (AWAIR) program.

It is our policy at BKJ Land Co. to ensure a healthy workplace for all employees. Our goal is to prevent accidents and injuries. We believe that supervisors and employees are all responsible for implementing this program. We have committed the necessary resources to ensure safety on our job sites.

The site supervisors and/or foremen are responsible for safety and health at each worksite. The site supervisor and/or foremen will act as the safety and health representative for that site. Employees will report all safety and health concerns to their supervisor. The safety director will set up training programs and provide the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).

Management will set accountability measures for meeting safety and health responsibilities. This includes accident rates that are at least fifty percent (50%) of the national average.

Safety will be planned into each site and supervisors will inspect each area of the worksite daily for safety hazards. The safety director will make random site inspections and review the results with management.

Safety meetings will be scheduled at least monthly, with safety topics chosen by the safety director. Attendance is MANDATORY at all safety meetings. Tool-box meetings and other on-site safety meetings will be arranged by the supervisor biweekly or as needed. Safety suggestions and safety audits will be reviewed at that time.

The site supervisor will investigate all accidents and near-miss events. The written reports will note corrective or preventive action taken. Training or retraining will be done as needed. The safety director will review all accident and near-miss reports, supervisor and site audits, and this program, and will make recommendations to management about how to improve the company’s safety and health efforts on an annual basis.
Safety is a very key component of our overall company program. A violation of our safety and health rules will be treated with the same disciplinary action as our other policy violations.

At BKJ Land Co. we believe in applying the principles of hard work and integrity at each project we undertake. We expect each and every of BKJ Land Co. to work diligently to promote the principles of safety into every aspect of our work.

Barbara Kane Johnson
President, CEO, EEO, BKJ Land Co.


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