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Art Johnson bought his first used truck in 1965. He and Barbara were married in November of 1966. Their family started soon after with the birth of their first daughter, Molly. Art and Barbara's family continued to grow in the following years with the birth of 3 more children, Doug, Amy, and Tom.

Barbara began doing bookwork for Art Johnson in 1968 in their home office, a job which she continues to do to this day. Through the years, Art and Barbara enjoyed operating their trucking company together. They were especially thrilled when their sons, Doug and Tom, graduated and became truck drivers, thus further expanding the family trucking business.

With great sadness, Art Johnson passed away in August of 1997. His young sons continued his legacy by taking a much more active role in the trucking operations. Doug and Tom worked diligently to grow the business. Barbara saw the need to purchase commercial property with which to build a shop/garage to house their expanding trucking and excavating equipment in March of 2000.

Molly joined the business as an administrative assistant in 2004 to help ease the increased clerical work load as the business grew.

With an increasing desire to utilize their excavating equipment even more, a family decision was made to add a new company, BKJ Land Co II, DBA BKJ Excavating. This involved hiring additional employees including a project manager/estimator, job foreman, equipment operators and laborors. With this additional business venture, two more family members joined the office staff: daughter Amy and daughter-in-law Tamara.

We are enthusiastic of our ongoing business and personnel decisions with BKJ Excavating. Our employees are a hardworking and talented group of individuals. Their dedication and commitment to excellence has given BKJ Excavating the reputation as a company that will get the job done, get it done efficiently, and deliver an outstanding final product that makes us all proud. It is humbling, yet exciting, to see our BKJ Excavating name on our completed projects. This inspires all of us at BKJ Excavating to continually strive to deliver superior results. The positive feedback we have received on our job performance has been truly rewarding.

The BKJ Excavating Mission Statement is:

“Our People Make the Difference.”


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18075 Dairy Lane
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We are DBE Certified and belong to The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 49 and The Laborers Union Local 563